How do I get started

A great way to get started is try a rental kart or one our schools. This will give you a first hand experience and bring you to the place where it all happens. Trying a rental kart will also allow you to safely operate a next level competition kart. If competition karting is out of your budget for the moment our NY League is an option.

How do I become fast

Fast is not that difficult, becoming the fastest is very difficult! Besides that bit of info, we encourage practice, practice, practice  and more track time. Learning the kart, engine, tires and how to properly maintain and tune is all part of being competitive. However the newest and most expensive machine will only bring you so far if the rest of the approach is incorrect. 

Where can I buy a kart

Competition karts can be bought from NY Kart sales as well as many other vendors. Privately owned karts are also available at the track or listed on the internet. Most important when purchasing a kart is that engine and chassis are currently legal for competition at your projected race track or organization.

Who can I ask for help

Karting’s biggest asset is the great community that is involved. The answer to the question who you can ask for help is easily answered, ever single person is willing to help. It is a little bit up to the individual to take the first step when asking for help but we can assure anyone in the community is very helpful. Without the luxury of being at the track the best option is to call NYRC or the number of shops and vendors in the industry. 

How to start racing

The best approach is to research what category is right for you. The best approach is call you local track and or shop to educate you. Another great way to research this is come to the track and or an event in your area and ask the drivers themselves. The junior categories usually have fewer classes than senior groups so it is a little simpler. However senior groups can be decided by age, weight, budget and skill and asperations. Budget, skill and asperations will give the professionals at the track an easy assessment of what group is correct for you.   

What else do I need to be at the track

Most necessary things are available at the tracks, however sizing and style preference is not always. After acquiring a kart the other pieces needed are a helmet (snell rated), gloves, suit, shoes, neck brace (optional) A kart stand, tie straps, metric wrenches, sockets, Allen head tools should get you in the right direction.