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The simple way to get on track and drive at the limit. 


Race with the best in the business  

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Full Service Kart Shop for all your racing needs.

NY Kart Leagues

Don’t have all the necessary equipment, we have you covered! From kart to helmet and everything in between. NYRC promotes a race were you get to compete without owning all the accessories. Follow the join link below to get all the details.


A page dedicated to all the services offered at NY Race Complex. Explore all the options we have available and make sure if you don’t see what you need reach out as we are here to make sure go fast and have fun doing it! 


Karting can be very difficult with the many variables the sport offers a new racer, this section might answer some of the questions you may have. 

Off Track

Made it to the track but need accommodations a restaurant or maybe just supplies, we have compiled a list of community business that can help.


Need to buy a season pass or maybe a race entry our online shop is the place for you. Also available are Easy Kart Passes as well as the league sign in registration options.