Rental Kart exiting the corner

NY Kart Members

 Want to race? 

Want track time? 

Want to compete for a championship? 

Complete our Easy kart driving school and this automatically enrolled you in our NY Kart membership. This allows the member to use our karts in a number of ways. 

Our 9HP karts can be utilized from 10 minute sessions to an all day event.

League events are being held throughout the season and with the membership you are all set to compete. Do one event or all three championships the choice is yours. Spring , summer and fall will give you option to race with owning a kart or everything that goes along with it.

Members are also able to utilize a full blown competition kart. This could be one of the 100cc, 125cc single speed machine or a 6 speed shifter kart. Please reach out to schedule an appointment at 


Ten Minute Track plus Kart $20.00………Members Only

3 X Ten Minute Track plus Kart $50.00………Members Only

One Hour Track Rental plus Kart $90.00……Members Only   


We provide our members with approved race gear Helmet, Suit, Neck Brace, Gloves. Driver may utilize their own equipment if safety specifications are meet 

Please call or email us for all additional scheduling and pricing details               

[email protected]                            

Tel: 732-850-1893


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